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Serving New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties

6558 Rosewood Drive
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Telephone 701-422-2043 – Fax 701-422-3340


The Wilmington Music School and Delaware Music School have consolidated to serve New Castle, Kent and Sussex counties. In June 2007, after a unanimous recommendation from a Task Force, comprised of representatives of the Boards, Staff and Faculty of both schools, the WMS and DMS Boards of Directors passed resolutions to this effect.

Director of the Delaware Division of the Arts commented, “This merger presents great potential for a unified vision for music education statewide. Both schools contribute great strengths to this new venture, including commitment to excellence, strong support from their communities, and dedicated faculty and staff. The Division of the Arts is pleased to see this cooperative spirit between the two schools. We look forward to supporting their joint mission of providing quality music education and public outreach, in order to enrich the lives of their students and their communitites“.

—For more information about the Wilmington Music School, please call or visit .


The Delaware Music School has been bringing the joy and benefits of music education to southern Delaware for more than 25 years. A non-profit organization with several branches,DMS offers quality private and group instrumental and vocal lessons, plus a thriving early childhood curriculum starting at birth. Teaching sessions are for 8 week time periods. Two weeks will be reserved at the end of each session for any necessary make-up lessons.

—This program is made possible, in part, by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Delaware Division of the Arts, a state agency committed to promoting and supporting the Arts in Delaware. For additional information on Arts activities in Delaware, visit the Delaware Division of the Arts homepage.


moving notes


Our Approach


Both traditional and Suzuki methods are offered at DMS. The Suzuki method is an exciting and motivational approach designed for young children. Working with both parents and teachers, children learn to play an instrument the same way they learn to speak – through example, imitation, repetition amd lots of encouragement. Specially trained teachers offer Suzuki classes in piano and violin.


Our Students


Our student population includes the infant and his first exposure to music; the pre-schooler and his introduction to music and movement; the nine year-old hoping for an edge in the Middle School band or chorus; the talented teen-ager aspiring to a career in music or a part in the High School musical; and adults, interested in a musical hobby. Our students and faculty lend their talents and energies to regional symphonies, bands, community theater, choral societies and religious and educational music programs. Individuals studying at the Delaware Music School are cultivating a special talent and enjoyment that they will keep for the rest of their lives.


Our Mission Is To:



favicon Provide the highest possible level of music education for all ages and abilities throughout southern Delaware

favicon Assume a leadership role in promoting the importance of music education in our lives, especially where and for whom such opportunities are limited

favicon Encourage multi-cultural enrichment opportunities through music

favicon Seek partnerships with local, state and national organizations to share experiences, resources and information promoting music and arts education.


* Financial Aid Information *

Limited Financial Aid is available each session to assist students based on their financial need, dedication and talent.