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Reason to Join Us

One Stop Shop

I have children of many different ages and I often find myself driving all over time finding someone who can accommodate all of our needs. The Delawaremusicschool offered many classes for different ages. It is a one stop shop for busy families who are looking for individualized instruction for more than one child. They worked around my schedule so that I didn’t have many different days and times. Fitting all the kids in at once, they truly worked miracles.

Thanks for freeing up my time! Julie K

Worth Every Cent

Not all music instruction makes the cut. I have gone through many music schools where I pay a lot of money and my children learn very little. This program had the expertise to know how to approach an individual student to help them learn best. Not going the one type of lesson fits all philosophy, they assess the needs of each student and tailor their instructions for maximum benefit. The Wilmington school of music in Delaware was worth every penny I spent. Thanks for having my child playing like a pro in very little time.


Finding A New Purpose In Music

A recovering gambling addict, I was finally able to shake my online blackjack and canlı bahis oyna habit. I just needed something to distract me and pour my heart into. The Wilmington music school in Delaware gave me a new purpose in life. They have individualized classes that were so easy I was playing better than I have ever dreamed. Having convenient hours that cater to even professionals with a career ensured that I could find a class to fit my lifestyle. The perfect thing to better myself, it transformed my entire life.

Tugrul Sert.

 Not A Lot To Work With Gets You A Lot

Our family is on a very limited budget and I didn’t think that providing my children musical education was something that I could afford. The Wilmington school of music made musical instruction affordable enough that I could sign all three of our children up and not cause a hardship, or have us shifting funds away from other things that we need. Having the best instruction in the area, there was no sacrifice in the quality of lessons that we received. The best of all worlds, my children are getting an expensive education at an inexpensive cost.

Heather B. Lavender, Manicurist at Cut Rite Lawn Care

Boosting Self-Confidence

My teenager was becoming very withdrawn and depressed after getting anti gambling treatment for his Casino Uzmanı Live Casino addiction. Not able to make friends the way that I had hoped in high school, I was looking for an outlet for him to give him something to throw himself into. The Wilmington school of music was exactly what he needed to give him the confidence to come out of his shell. After learning to play the guitar he joined the band and I am happy, yet sad at the same time, to say that he is rarely home at all. He’s made so many friends we can barely keep track of his social life.

Thanks from a very happy mother! Donna S.